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Introducing Shyloh, The Green Hairdresser: A Pioneer in Sustainable Beauty

Dear readers, we are excited to introduce you to a remarkable individual who is reshaping the beauty industry with her commitment to sustainability. Meet Shyloh, also known as The Green Hairdresser, an independent studio owner and haircutting specialist based in central Oklahoma.

With 14 years of experience, Shyloh is the proud owner of a cozy single-chair salon. But her salon is not just any salon; it’s a beacon of sustainability in the beauty industry. Shyloh’s salon is an eco-friendly hair studio where she has worked tirelessly to eliminate any pressure associated with being perfectly “green” or conforming to beauty standards. Her goal is to provide a space where clients can show up authentically and simplify their journey towards a more sustainable, healthy, and socially aware lifestyle.

Shyloh’s approach to sustainability is unique and comprehensive. She guides her clients through what she calls the three “lows”: Low Waste, Low Tox, and Low Maintenance. Together, they find a balance that suits their individual lifestyle. Shyloh offers unique services such as Product Audits, where she assesses clients’ current products and educates them on how to reduce waste, avoid questionable ingredients, and support ethical companies for future purchases. Additionally, she provides the Green Hair Experience, where she goes through their entire haircare routine together and creates a personalized take-home guide tailored to their style goals and commitment to green living.

Transparency and honesty are the foundation of Shyloh’s business. She communicates openly about the products she uses and why, how she handles waste in the studio and minimizes it, environmental initiatives and groups she’s involved with, and areas where she’s still expanding her knowledge. When clients understand the reasons and methods behind her choices, they become inspired to make similar changes in their own lives.

Shyloh’s journey towards sustainability was sparked by her experiences in the beauty industry. From hauling trash at a busy corporate salon to witnessing the harmful effects of keratin smoothing treatments, she realized the need for change. These experiences prompted her to delve into researching ingredients, labeling requirements, ethical sourcing, and sustainable packaging of beauty products.

Shyloh’s advice to consumers is simple yet powerful: Engage actively with the parts of the beauty industry already present in your life, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and green initiatives. Don’t shy away from questioning brands or businesses that claim to be green. Be curious and seek transparency in the businesses you are supporting.

We are incredibly excited to have Shyloh as part of our community. Her dedication to sustainability and her innovative practices are truly inspiring. We look forward to seeing the continued positive impact she will undoubtedly have on the beauty industry.