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The Green Beauty Community: A Collaboration for a Sustainable Beauty Industry

“In partnership with Green Circle Salons and bolstered by a generous grant from Innersense Organic Beauty, the Green Beauty Community aims to Inspire, Educate, and Empower.” 

San Diego, California – The Green Beauty Community is pleased to announce its official debut to the beauty industry, underscoring its commitment to championing sustainable beauty practices. This initiative represents a collaboration of several partners including Green Circle Salons who, since 2009, have played a pivotal role in uniting beauty industry leaders to foster a collective vision for a more sustainable beauty future.

Green Circle Salons, recognized for its dedication to sustainability, has been instrumental in spearheading this collaboration. Their involvement signifies a broader social purpose initiative, aimed at supporting a diverse and inclusive platform that inspires, educates, and empowers industry professionals to make informed, eco-conscious choices to help decarbonize the beauty industry. Green Circle’s involvement is further bolstered by a significant grant from Innersense Organic Beauty, a leader in Conscious Beauty, as well as collaborations with Sustain Beauty Co, Vish, Brand Fuel Solutions, Insight Professional, and The Salon Chair Guys.

The Green Beauty Community’s mission revolves around three core principles: Clean Beauty, which emphasizes human health and product safety; Green Beauty, which focuses on minimizing environmental impact and natural ingredients; and Sustainable Beauty, which considers the entire product lifecycle from sourcing to disposal.

The Green Beauty Community stands as a pivotal resource, guiding beauty professionals through the eco-conscious landscape, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to integrate sustainable practices into their work and contribute to the broader movement towards a greener beauty industry.

Daniel Johnson, Founder of The Green Beauty Community, remarked, “The formation of the Green Beauty Community represents a collective endeavor to address sustainability within our industry. With the invaluable support of Green Circle Salons, Innersense Organic Beauty, and our other partners, we are poised to make a tangible impact in the beauty sector.”

 The Green Beauty Community invites industry stakeholders, professionals, and enthusiasts to explore its offerings, join its mission, and contribute to a sustainable beauty revolution. Detailed information about the community, its objectives, and collaboration opportunities can be accessed at


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