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Introducing our new affiliate: Insight Professional!

Insight Professional is a cosmetics brand that emphasizes sustainability, environmental responsibility, and accessibility. The company is committed to reducing its environmental impact by controlling carbon emissions and supporting offsetting projects. They are Carbon Footprint certified, working towards minimizing CO2 emissions and funding projects to compensate for unavoidable emissions. The company places importance on obtaining certifications that attest to the sustainability and quality of its products and production processes.

Who is Insight?

Insight Professional highlights its commitment to environmental sustainability in various aspects, including packaging choices. They use 100% recycled plastic for their product packaging and provide information on the end-of-life cycle for their products, encouraging proper disposal.

The brand positions itself as a socially responsible company, believing that sustainability should be accessible to all, not just a privilege. Insight Professional asserts that every link in their value chain, from raw material selection to the end customer, works towards achievable sustainability. They aim to create professional-quality products that are affordable and environmentally friendly.

Insight Professional’s product formulas are described as clean, containing phyto-extracts from controlled supply chains. The brand promotes the power of phytotherapy and the safety of advanced formulations in their products, which are made in Italy.

The company’s marketing approach focuses on respect, transparency, and positive communication, aiming to create awareness and consciousness. Insight Professional commits to consistency and evolution, preserving its roots while exploring the future with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Their 4 Main Action Lines

In terms of corporate strategy, the company emphasizes four main lines of action:

  • product and service quality
  • responsible communication to stakeholders
  • human resources policies
  • environmental protection

They have established objectives related to these areas, including continuous improvement and adherence to environmental regulations.

Insight Professional provides information on its history, cosmetical vision, and practical details about its formulas and certification process. The brand offers various product lines catering to different needs, both professional and everyday, with a focus on sustainability.

The parent company, Eley, has obtained ISO 14064 Certification (GHG – Greenhouse Gas Emissions) and is committed to funding projects with a positive impact on the ecosystem, earning recognition as a Carbon Neutral Company. The brand provides details on specific offsetting projects, such as the Palm Oil Biomass project in India, which supports a cogeneration unit for energy production using plant waste, contributing to local communities and reducing CO2 emissions.

We are so happy to have Insight Professional as an affiliate – a brand that positions themselves as a brand committed to sustainability, accessibility, and quality, with a focus on clean and environmentally friendly products. They strive to make sustainable practices accessible to all and actively engage in offsetting projects to reduce their carbon footprint.

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