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Brooke Richmond: A Clean Beauty Advocate Transforming Hair Care

Welcome, Green Beauty Community! Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Brooke, a sustainable hairstylist and clean beauty advocate who’s been transforming the industry from the roots up since 2007. Let’s dive into her journey and the impact she’s making.

A Passion Ignited Early

Brooke’s journey into the world of hair styling began in high school, where her fascination with hair led her to assist in a salon. It was there that her passion for creating transformational colors and nurturing the health of hair blossomed. Specializing in lived-in color, reds, and brunettes, Brooke’s sessions are more than just about aesthetics; they are educational experiences focused on the overall health of hair and the benefits of clean products.

A Personal and Professional Transformation

Living a non-toxic, clean lifestyle has always been integral to Brooke’s life, thanks to her mother’s influence. However, a personal experience of discomfort and harm caused by traditional hair products led her to a pivotal moment. After suffering similar scalp reactions as her mother, Brooke delved into the world of clean beauty, eventually joining forces with Clean Beauty and adopting All-Nutrient hair color, marking a significant turn in her career towards a fully clean lifestyle.

Advocacy Through Education

Brooke’s approach is gentle yet effective. She advises those interested in transitioning to clean beauty to take it one step at a time, replacing traditional products with non-toxic alternatives gradually. This method ensures a sustainable transition rather than an overwhelming overhaul. Her personal and professional experiences have equipped her with invaluable insights, which she eagerly shares with her clients, friends, and family, fostering a community of informed and conscious consumers.

Overcoming Resistance, Embracing Change

Transitioning to clean beauty wasn’t without its challenges. Brooke faced skepticism and resistance, even being told she was making a career-ending mistake. However, the positive transformations she witnessed in her clients’ hair health and the support from her community reinforced her belief in her path. Brooke’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of becoming the change you wish to see.

Inspirations and Aspirations

In her journey, Brooke has found inspiration from fellow clean beauty advocates like @shelidodaro.hernandez,, and @becomingceremony. These individuals have not only inspired her but have also provided a sense of community and support in an industry that’s slowly but surely embracing more sustainable and health-conscious practices.

Connect with Brooke

To learn more about Brooke’s journey and her clean beauty advocacy, follow her on Instagram @book.with.brooke_ and TikTok at @thatglutenfreestylist.

Brooke’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact individual choices can have on our health and the environment. As she continues to advocate for clean beauty and transform the industry one appointment at a time, let’s support and learn from her journey towards a more sustainable and healthful beauty industry.

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