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Community Meetup: Earth Month Spotlight

Here at Green Beauty Community, we believe in the power of community over competition. That’s why we love our virtual community meetups! It gives everyone a chance to socialize with one another and talk about what everyone is working on in their salon space, what they could use support with, or roundtable ideas for an evolving beauty industry.

Since it’s the beginning of April, we thought to focus the topic on our most recent virtual meetup around what our community members are doing for Earth Month.

Metro Mikee (owner of Metro Mikees Salon & Harrisburg Pole Dance Studio

Mikee discusses his excitement for his personal R&D projects for his garden and spring plants! He takes his coffee grounds from his salon to use for his plants, but now he’s trying something new – hair clippings in his plants. He’ll be documenting differences between his plants as time progresses. 

Jaime Durheim (Founder of the Refillery Collective)

Jaime talks about the Refillery Collective’s next event – “Refill to Mainstream”, a retreat for current, aspiring, and other business owners who are interested in the refill revolution! Alongside planning for the event in Florida, they have an upcoming webinar on April 11th for Earth Day Marketing Strategies for RC community members. 

Jacquelyn Rodriguez (Owner of Enlightened Styles, Holistic Salon Academy educator, & host of The Salon Owners Holistic Blueprint podcast)

Jacquelyn is spending her Earth Month by focusing on the expansion of her refill bar in her salon, all the while documenting her experience so she can help educate other salon owners to do the same for their spaces. It will also be part of her upcoming April 29th webinar on the Green Beauty Community webinar platform

Chris Amendt (Founder/CEO of Monarch Botanika & Native Monarchs)

Chris is a savor and support system for the monarch butterfly population. This month she is planning on doing Milkweed giveaways to help support monarchs anywhere and everywhere! There are also some fun details (that we won’t share yet) on upcoming partnerships with MB and another artist. 

Community Meet-Up April 8th 2024

Mazey Heydman (aka Sustainable Mazey, owner of Sustain Salon, & stylist at TRU Salon)

Mazey is spreading the trash gospel, she is uplifting her new salon home by educating and assisting them in recycling practices. They even created a new sustainability department for her to run! She also has finally come out with her new “Crafting a Recycling System for a Greener Future” guide, a publication that goes through all the ABC’s of recycling for salon spaces.

Eve Mathis (Founder of Botanic Beauty & Botanic Amedities) 

Eve chats about the packaging changes her skincare company is taking, biodegradable plastic that is to degrade in 6 months, which is especially great for smaller packaging options! Their manufacturer for BB and BA is the first to patent their Sugarcane PVA materials! They will be celebrating Earth Month with an event at Solano College.

Bryan Guam (NA Manger for INsight Professional)

Bryan has a lot of fun activities for Earth Day! Through INsight, he will be reaching out to others about the power of sustainability, partly with our new Green Beauty Community guide (as they are one of our supporters) and will be a part of one of our other GBC webinars with Lisa Vann on April 15th.

Hannah Craik (Founder of Salonvironment)

Hannah talks about all of the fun events she is aware of (virtual and in-person) that she has added to Salonvironment’s community calendar! This includes events such as webinars, Earth Day rallies, clothing swaps, clean ups, and so on. 

Brad Poirier (Host of Hairstylist Empowerment Podcast & Founder of Beauty Industry Cruises)

Brad is a supporter to all and wants to lift up everyone’s voices about what they are doing, especially since he is a big sustainability advocate himself! He also talked about his upcoming Beauty Industry Cruises through Virgin Cruises (a cruise line that prides itself on its almost net zero practices). They include hair professionals from all areas to create unique, incredible events.

Denise Ward (Owner of Studio Decaro)

Denise mentioned how she is a suite owner who recycles in her space and is encouraging her other suitemates to do the same! She is crafting a plan to make it so they can recycle alongside her.

We also had a fantastic conversation about refill and low waste shampoo options in the salon. Jaime, Bryan, Olivia Sanchez (Founder of Sudz Cauldron) are from all different sectors in the industry and had great points from the discussion of sanitation, professional brand obstacles, policies and regulations, and what kind of implementations salons can do.  

It is always so inspiring to bring others together and learn from one another. While we discussed our Earth Month activities, we celebrate Earth Month every month of the year and want to help others do the same. The Green Beauty Community is more than just a community, it is a birthplace for innovation and expanding ideas. 

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