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Introducing Monarch Botanika: Where Beauty Meets Conservation

In the bustling world of beauty, where trends come and go, there’s a brand making waves not just for its premium skincare products but for its unwavering commitment to conservation.
Meet Monarch Botanika, a company with a mission that transcends beauty standards and delves into the realm of environmental stewardship.

Who is Monarch Botanika?

At the helm of Monarch Botanika is Chris Amendt, a visionary who saw an opportunity to unite beauty with conservation. The company’s tagline, “Where Beauty Meets Conservation,” encapsulates its ethos perfectly. Monarch Botanika isn’t just about creating skincare; it’s about making a tangible difference in the world.

Their Mission

Native Monarchs and Monarch Botanika founder

Native Monarchs and Monarch Botanika founder

The heart of Monarch Botanika beats with a singular mission: to create and protect Monarch Butterfly and pollinator habitats through the utilization of the Milkweed plant. By crafting beauty products from Milkweed seed oil and exploring fabric alternatives from seed pod fibers, Monarch Botanika aims to contribute to the preservation of these vital ecosystems.

Sustainability Commitment

What sets Monarch Botanika apart is its dedication to sustainability. The brand isn’t simply “green” or “clean”; it’s actively involved in conservation efforts. By giving 5% of its proceeds directly back to Monarch Butterfly conservation and partnering with organizations like Native Monarchs NPO (founded by Chris, herself), Monarch Botanika ensures that every purchase contributes to a greater cause.

They’re committed to funding conservation efforts that promote the widespread planting of Milkweed for Monarch habitats. These crops play a crucial role in regenerative agriculture, enhancing soil health practices. Their harvesting methods ensure that the plant remains intact, preserving habitats for Monarchs and other essential pollinators.

The Importance of Monarch Butterflies

The Monarch butterfly’s overall population has declined by more than 90% and are vital to the health of our ecosystem. Not only are they huge pollinators to various plants, they are also unique to being the only pollinator of milkweeds. Their presence supports a range of other species (including birds, mammals, and insects) to complete the food chain.

We, the Green Beauty Community, are so in love with what Chris has created for the world – luxurious beauty alongside a bigger mission. Educating the public, creating natural products, and conserving an endangered population which we require for a healthy ecosystem.

What’s Next for Monarch Botanika?

Monarch Botanika has ambitious goals. From raising awareness about its products to highlighting the intertwined conservation mission, the brand strives to educate consumers about the importance of its cause. By focusing on organic and educational marketing approaches, Monarch Botanika aims to spark a movement where beauty intersects with environmentalism.

Interested in a new sustainable skincare line? Check out Monarch Botanika’s shop.

If you are a beauty professional interested in purchasing these products in bulk, you can message Chris here (mention Green Beauty Community) for more options in your beauty space!

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