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Green Salons and The Future of Beauty

A challenge lies in the face of the beauty industry — the pollution it creates. According to Green Circle Salons, the beauty industry sends 877 lbs. of waste to landfills every single minute that includes foils, hair clippings, hair color, aerosol cans, color tubes, and more. To create a sustainable solution for these wastes, salon owners need to step up and start investing their time and energy into recycling and processing the waste.

How are Green Salons Leading the Beauty Industry?

The movement towards a sustainable industry is no longer a negligible part of the beauty industry. In fact, salon owners, brands, and manufacturers are making a conscious shift towards eco-friendly choices more than ever. The majority of hair and beauty industry customers find it very important to purchase sustainable beauty products and services.

Over the last decade, the sales of organic beauty products have increased by over 51%. Consumers have played a massive role in the sale boost as they are making more eco-conscious choices. Research shows that 35% of consumers look for cruelty-free and vegan options when looking for beauty products. Green salons are the sustainable and futuristic solution to battle this shift in demand for ethical consumption. Movements such as Green Circle Salon is determined to help salon owners to create sustainability in this industry.

How Can You Become a Green Salon?

The best part about becoming a green salon is it doesn’t have to be expensive. Adopting sustainable choices behind the chairs and save your wallet and the planet. Here are five ways to reduce your salon’s environmental impact.

  • Choose more sustainable salon products

Start by swapping traditional synthetic chemical products for organic and cruelty-free options. Collaborate with brands that promote eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. Sustainability in salon products includes everything from shampoo, hair dyes to cleaning products. Choose our environment-friendly salon chair cleaners instead — products that will save you from direct use of harmful chemicals and your salon equipment from damage.

  • Be conscious about water and power use

Salons need a lot of water — we all know that. But you can save on your water and electric bill by being a little more conscious about your water and power usage. Try to limit your laundry loads, always choose energy-efficient appliances, switch to cold water in your washing machine, etc. are to name a few ways to save on natural resources. Switching to solar power is another excellent way to promote an environment-friendly business.

Green Circle Salon is the world’s first sustainable salon solution that has been working relentlessly to keep beauty waste out of landfills and waterways. You can simply fill out a form and become a Green Circle Salon member to take a huge step towards sustainability.

  • Recycle your packaging

In any salon, the number of plastic bags and bottles adds up to quite a lot. Work with companies that recycle their packaging, so your waste doesn’t find a way to the landfills. You can also get creative in recycling and reusing the plastics yourself.

  • Get rid of the paperwork

Killing a bunch of trees just to store your clients’ information doesn’t really promote green and sustainability. Instead, directly type the data into a computer as your client answers your questions. If your clients don’t want to announce their personal information in public for the sake of privacy, you can try simple solutions like using a whiteboard.

It is the small steps that add up to an environment-friendly and green overall impact. By making eco-conscious choices, you too can join the revolution towards a greener future.


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