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Dip into Sustainability: Introducing a Brand that Puts the Planet First in Personal Care

Hello, Green Beauty Community members! 🌿

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to a brand that’s not just a personal care company but a movement towards environmental awareness: Dip.

Dip Products

A Mission Beyond Beauty

Dip is not your ordinary beauty brand. They parade as “a damn good personal care company,” but at their core, they are an environmental awareness company. Their mission is to cure what they term “rational environmental indifference” by offering products that are not only superior in quality but also kind to our planet.

The 10 Commandments of Dip

Dip operates on a set of principles that are both refreshing and revolutionary in the beauty industry:

  1. Renegade Honesty
  2. No Paid Influencers
  3. No Growth-Obsessed Marketing Maneuvers
  4. Privacy Respect: No Aggregated Metadata
  5. No Sales Pressure
  6. No Gatekeeping
  7. No Amazon (to protect small stores that carry Dip)
  8. Accountability Matters
  9. Customers are Bosses, Marketing Teams, and Inspiration Sources
  10. Equal Treatment for Everyone

More Than Just Recycling

Dip is about more than just offering recyclable packaging. They aim to make products so good that “plastic-free” is merely a bonus, not the main selling point. They believe that the environment will only change for the better when we collectively alter our shopping habits. Their goal is to inspire us to buy better and buy less.

Quality that Speaks

Their shampoo and conditioner bars are formulated to last a very long time, aligning with their philosophy of “planet first, hair company second.” They believe that capitalism can be done well, with gratitude, conservation, and action taking precedence over greed, consumerism, and activism.

Small Steps, Big Impact

Dip encourages small, consistent steps towards sustainability rather than massive, overwhelming changes. They believe that every refill, every single-use item refused, every item fixed instead of thrown out, every second-hand purchase, and every abandoned online cart matters in the journey towards sustainability.

A Stand for Small

Dip is a small business that believes in thinking small. They stand for small businesses, small retailers, small steps, and small changes, with a perspective that perhaps thinking small might just be the next big idea.

Dip is here to tell us that every small action towards sustainability matters. They’re not here to scare us into buying their products or bombard us with alarmist marketing. They’re here to offer a single step in the right direction, with high standards and a fear of disappointing their customers.

We’re delighted to welcome Dip into our Green Beauty Community, where their commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical practices aligns seamlessly with our values. 🌱💚

Explore more about Dip and their wonderful journey here.