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Community Spotlight: Christine McMillan

Meet Christine McMillan, a dynamic force in the beauty industry with a commitment to sustainability and community. She proudly goes by the title of “Sustainable Salon Owner’ of Rock Paper Scissors Salon in Buford, Georgia. Christine has spent 16 dedicated years in the beauty industry, shaping her career as a salon owner and stylist. 

A Salon with a Purpose

Over her years in the beauty industry, Christine’s business has continually evolved. With each transformation, she envisioned it as something more than just a salon; she wanted it to be a vital, living part of the community it calls home.

Her vision revolves around a delicate balance: good for your body, good for the planet, and good for the community. This is where her innovative “Community Reinvestment Program” comes into play. It’s more than just haircuts; it’s a commitment to giving back.

At her salon, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a daily practice

A portion of every sale at her salon is reinvested in the community. This reinvestment has two vital branches:

  • Supporting the Local Food Pantry: Christine recognizes the importance of addressing food insecurity. In her city, where 13% of the population lives at or below the poverty level, the need is clear. She’s taking a stand by helping stock the local food pantry to ensure that no one goes hungry.
  • Boosting Small Businesses: Small businesses are the lifeblood of any community. Christine has allocated funds to be spent at local small businesses, elevating the amenities her salon offers and pampering her clients with local goodies. It’s a win-win that strengthens the community.

For Christine, her business is more than a transaction; it’s about people and their well-being.

Advocating for Sustainability

Christine’s favorite part of the beauty industry lies in its intimacy. It’s about collaborating with individuals to help them love and appreciate their bodies, enabling them to present themselves to the world in their unique way.

Her journey towards advocating for sustainability was driven by her deep concern for the environment. The beauty industry, collectively, sends a staggering 877 pounds of waste to landfills every minute. Recognizing this environmental impact, Christine decided to make a difference.

At her salon, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a daily practice. By mindfully managing consumption and implementing rigorous sorting measures, her salon has dramatically reduced its contribution to landfills. Christine’s goal is ambitious – to produce less than a gallon of garbage per month, and most months, she successfully achieves this target.

Christine McMillan is not just a salon owner; she’s a sustainability advocate and a community champion. Her commitment to giving back and reducing her salon’s environmental footprint serves as an inspiring example for the beauty industry and beyond.

Thank you, Christine, for your unwavering dedication to making the world more beautiful, one sustainable step at a time.