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How Vish Color Management Can Stop the Hair Color Waste Problem (& Save Money)

You love seeing the look on your client’s faces when they see themselves with a new color. But what is it costing you and the environment?

On average, 25% to 40% of hair colors are left unused during each coloring appointment. For the estimated cost per color application standing at $5 to $8, you’re looking at $1.25 to $2 being poured down the drain every time you mix and apply color. Even though it doesn’t sound like much, it adds up to a large sum pretty quickly. On top of the financial loss, hazardous chemicals going down the drain find their way to lakes, rivers, and streams — eventually polluting our water resources.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. An intelligent color management software system that can record and organize formulas, later refining the formulas to figure out the exact amount of color your client needs, can put an end to the color waste epidemic. Sounding too good to be true? Bear with us then.

Vish Color Management System

Vish Ltd. is the leading color management software of the industry, which includes a collection of systems that effortlessly revolutionizes how stylists and salons run their color business. Leading colorists designed Vish as a complete-color-management system that will help salons eliminate waste, ensure consistent pricing, track inventory and maximize profit. In combination, it improves the client’s experience and helps the salon retain clients.

How Does Vish Work?

The operation of this innovative scale is pretty simple. It has three tools that, in combination, create the Vish ecosystem:

  • Vish Color Bar
  • Vish Front Desk
  • Vish Dashboard

It includes a Bluetooth-enabled scale and tablet, which are connected to the Vish Color Bar App. It helps colorists capture and records their color formulas as they are doing the procedure. When the stylist is done, they re-weigh their bowl on the scale. The system captures the left-over product, and it automatically recalculates and refines the formula. It informs the stylist of the exact amount of product needed for the particular client for the service, thereby eliminating waste.

The feature isn’t limited to mixing colors only. It also communicates to the Vish Front Desk the services’ details and accurately-priced charges. All of the data is stored in the Vish System Manager, using which salon owners can evaluate the performance of their coloring business through analytics and performance reports.

Why Vish?

The best part of Vish is that it’s not even an expense but an investment. You’ll be amazed to find out how quickly the system pays for itself. You’ll instantly see a 10-15% rise in revenue within the first client cycle. By the time you reach the second client visit, you’ll notice a reduction in product use, creating a higher profit margin in every color service category. Vish users see up to 40% reduction in supply cost accompanied by a 100% satisfaction rate.

How Can Vish Make a Positive Impact on the Environment?

The environmental impact of the salon industry is a challenge that we are facing right now. With a vast amount of wastage produced by the industry, the sustainability of hair care is put into question. Salon-exerted wastes include hair color and color tubes, including toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients disrupting the ecosystem. In the United States alone, the sale of hair dye stands at 1.43 billion units. With 75% of women using hair dyes regularly, hair color wastage is not negotiable in the current perspective.

However, you can take a step towards sustainability by integrating Vish Color Management Software. Their high-tech color scale eliminates color waste — therefore, preventing excess colors from going down the drain. The intelligent system enables you to control your mixing without creating any waste and making the hair dye process greener.

Beauty should not cost the environment. Recycling your waste is very important to protect the environment — but what is more important than that? Stop creating waste in the first place. A sustainable technology such as Vish will reduce the footprint of your eco-salon as well as improve your business.

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